Help With Installation of Fedora - Chromebook 4 Bluebird

I have a Samsung Chromebook 4 that I am trying to install fedora on. So far what I’ve done is get the MrChromebox firmware installed and then using that I installed coreboot. Also ran fedora via usb, now I want to install fedora.

The issue is that I don’t have enough space on the 32 gb eMMC drive to install. I looked through the disk tools but shamefully I admit I don’t have a clue as to which files are junk (if any) and which are necessary.

Fedora website says the OS requires minimum 20gb storage. I understand this is pushing it but my only other options would be to use the USB as a storage device (which sucks because the laptop has only 1 usb port) to use a SD card as storage (not as bad but the only sd card I have on hand is inside my old nintendo DS, lol) or to find some other bare-bones OS.

Is there anything I can get rid of? Do I even have enough room on the storage device to install this OS, taking into account the firmware and coreboot?

You might be better off inserting a large capacity MicroSD card and installing it to there, then wiping the emmc.
I ran lsblk in a terminal to determine which is the MicroSD and which is the emmc.
/dev/sda was the MicroSD and the emmc came up as blk something or other if I remember correctly.
You’d want to use the dd tool in a terminal with Fedora booted to erase the emmc if you didn’t want the system always booting to it or maybe change that in the coreboot BIOS.
sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=128M status=progress is what I used for wiping the emmc on an HP chromebook I had recently before chrultrabook-ing it and giving it to a friend in Alaska.

Thanks for the reply. I’m confused.
Is Mrchromebox firmware and coreboot not contained on the eMMC drive? I was under the assumption that these two softwares were permanently needed in order to run any sort of other OS. If I wipe the eMMC, won’t that just brick my machine since I won’t have a functional BIOS?

Firmware is located in flash memory that is different from the normal storage. Even if you completely wipe the eMMC, that won’t delete the firmware.

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You can open the disks utility in fedora and write a new partition table. Be sure it is a GPT partition table. This will delete everything off the drive.