Help, usb full rom not say in the bios

Chrome OS does not read the USB in the complete bios of the rom, even if it is connected, I used the chrome os recovery app method, that is to change the ISO with the bin, it does not read it to me as a fixo I don’t have another PC plss

Sorry but this is a little hard to understand.

  1. What specifically are you trying to do?

  2. What have you tried?

so I’m installing Linux on the chromebook I ran the chrome box script without breaking and it goes I chose the second option of putting the uefi bios which completely deletes chrome os, when I restart the PC and enter the bios I go to the second option but the USB stick is not recognized (I tried first with Chrome OS Recovery and then with Rufus) how do I solve it?

I also tell you that I can no longer go back to Chrome OS the BIOS has eliminated it completely

Did you read this?