Firmware Utility Script seems to think RABBID is EOL, even though it isn't?

My Chromebook is a CX1400CN from ASUS with the board name “RABBID.” I wanted to try natively running a normal Linux distro on it, and I would like to run it on RW_LEGACY so I can keep ChromeOS in case something goes wrong with Linux.

According to the Chrultrabook Docs and Mr. Chromebox’s website, it should still support the RW_LEGACY update, but when I run the script, the option to update the RW_LEGACY firmware is greyed out, and if i enter 1, it tells me that it’s “not supported for devices which have reached end-of-life.” My Chromebook is supposed to get updates until June 2027, so it can’t be end-of-life.

I checked for updates, tried opting in to extended updates, and even switched from the stable channel to the dev channel, but that didn’t help.

What’s going on? How do I fix this if I can?

Yeah that looks like a bug.

cc: @MrChromebox

Do understand that due to RW_LEGACY being just a bootloader, and that you’re still running the stock ChromeOS firmware, there will likely be functional limitations when running Linux via RWL not present when running Linux via the UEFI Full ROM firmware. There may be issues with the touchpad, touchscreen, audio, or other peripherals.

you can’t, but I did

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It’s not greyed out anymore! Thank you so much.

I’ll try RWL first, and if that gets problematic, I’ll consider flashing the full ROM