Crosec keyboard drivers wiped on reboot

I currently use a dell chromebook 11 (candy) with windows 10 and as of late it appears that the keyboard driver management has gone haywire.

I install the crosec keyboard drivers and restart (for unrelated reasons). I come to find that the keyboard does not work on login and that the directory that crosec was installed in has been wiped.

What is going on here? What can i do to resolve this?

This windows 10 install was downloaded from Microsoft, correct?

no, i had my serial from before but the .iso was from a third party.

Third party windows images aren’t supported, so issues like these can be expected

Can you say definitively that it is the iso? Granted i do have an unorthodox setup. (It is an ultrachromebook running windows-to-go.) The keyboard has been working fine for months prior

If it was working and suddenly died, that sounds like a hardware issue

Its weird, as mentioned in the first post, the driver is automatically wiped once I end the session. However, during the in-between time (that I reinstall before shutdown or restart), it works.

I do suspect thing there is something going on with windows update, windows defender, or my hardware profile.