ChromeOS on SSD and Debian on SD Card

How would I go around doing this?

I have a Samsung Galaxy Chromebook, and I would like to add the option to boot Debian 11/12 off of my SD card, though, I want to keep the stock OS for fingerprint and stylus support.

Please first check if RW_LEGACY is supported by MrChromebox for your device. If it is, you can use MrChromebox’s firmware utility script to install/update RW_LEGACY firmware and then boot a Linux distro installed on your SD card. This won’t make any changes to ChromeOS.

It seems that RW_LEGACY isn’t supported for kohaku. Could anything be done with the available UEFI compatibility?

Once you’ve flashed the full UEFI firmware ChromeOS will no longer be bootable, unfortunately.

Bummer, but thank you for the confirmation.

Though, would there be any hope in salvaging the fingerprint reader? Apparently, going the UEFI route allows for more updates like the embedded controllers.

you should be able to boot Linux from USB using the default RW_LEGACY payload, u-boot. I don’t have any instructions on doing so however

So I might be able to continue without an RW_LEGACY firmware update?

Yes, you’d need to have the stock RWL installed and it be bootable