Chromebook cx1400ck Firmware Write Protect

I apologize for the inconvenience.
in relation to the product in question I am trying to prepare the product for the installation of windows 11.
as per instructions found on your site I removed the cover of the notebook and disconnected the battery and attempted to upgrade the firmware but the firmware writing block is still active.
analyzing the mb I don’t detect any bridges.
I attach a photo of the error screen. if necessary I also have photos of the mb.
I await a kind response
Thank you.

Did you disconnect the battery before turning the Chromebook on?

connector removed as per photo


help me.

Thank you.

You need to bridge the jumper, as clearly stated on MrChromebox’s website.

Thanks for the reply.
I sent a photo of the motherboard because I can’t find the jumper

This board has come up a few times and I believe it was established that you need to use a Suzy q cable to disable WP. Anyone can correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve never seen evidence otherwise.

Thanks for the reply.
with reference to this method, could I receive more detailed information to disable WP? instructions? cable?
thanks and have a good day.

First you would need the cable, then follow the Suzy q cable directions here: