Charging symbol, but battery discharge

I’m on Babytiger. Using a Hyperdrive 15in1 docking station. Everything works normal with the exception of charging. After installing weirdtreething kernel I get the charging symbol but the battery still discharges.

Charges normal from the factory charger.

Are you using KDE?

Yes Debian/kde

That issue has been around on KDE for a while.

I didn’t realize… should it charge if I drop to tty?

If you sleep then wake back up again, it will realize it isn’t charging anymore.

So is the solution to install a different de or start fresh with a different de

I mean, it doesn’t really matter. I just ignore it.

But it’s not charging via the docking station & it did in chrome os

That’s a hardware issue then, check if it works on other devices.

I only have this problem on chromebooks running linux. They charge fine in chrome os


So not a debian/kde problem?

Not entirely sure.

So Ive tried this on cave, shyvana, babytiger, & casta. Same results no matter. All charge in chrome os… none charge from usb-c docking station in any version of linux regardless of kernel or d.e. Should I just assume this is a usb-c feature that hasn’t been added?

When you say regardless of kernel or DE, have you tested rolling releases such as Arch or openSUSE Tumbleweed?

I have not. I tried fedora, debian, ubuntu.

Just installed arch with sddm and cinnamon. Now i don’t have display output or charging from/to docking station.

So if I disconnect the battery& built in laptop screen it will operate completely from the usb-c dock. Not the solution I was looking for but it’s something