Can i remove chrome os and replace it with linux with RW-Legacy firmware and recover chromeOS afterwards

i only have 32 GB of storage and i need the chromebook for education after 1.5 years so i need a way to remove chromeOS, install linux, then remove linux, and restore chromeOS using RW-legacy.

What is your Chromebook?

acer spin 511
magolor, version 126.15886.0
32 GB storage
~4GB ram

Yes, yes you can do that. Just run recovery when you want to restore ChromeOS.

Alternatively you can install Linux on a separate drive like a USB.

RW_LEGACY is for dual booting, and has all sorts of issues not present with the UEFI Full ROM firmware. If you’re going to replace ChromeOS with Linux, use the Full ROM, not RW_LEGACY. You can always go back to stock (unless the device is EOL)

but I can’t use uefi full rom because it may brick the Chromebook and I have to use it for my school (so I don’t use the school’s)after time so I what I should do is
1.install linux :heavy_check_mark:
2.remove chromeOS partition(the one I shrink to install linux)
3.give linux space
and when i need chromeOS
1.remove/shrink linux
2.recover chromeOS
(if I am mistaken tell me)

sure just be aware any time you touch/resizw the ChromeOS partition, it will get wiped.

and that things like touchpad/touchscreen don’t always work with RW_LEGACY firmware due to issues/bugs in the stock firmware

You can remove partitions when you install Linux, and when you run recovery, the internal disk is wiped. So you don’t need to do those steps.

so now i remove the chromeOS partition and everything will be fine

do i delete this partition or i delete all of them (but the efi-system and linux)

None of them have any use outside of ChromeOS. Since you’re not dual booting, you can remove all of them.

time to give Linux some storage.

this thing can truly store