Bought a used chromebook, disabling write protect doesn't work

hi! i got a chromebook off ebay, it’s a HP Chromebook 11 G9 EE (codename drawlat, uses stock firmware) and I’ve been trying to disable wp for a while now.

apparently, it has a dedede board (ooh nice reco ui) so I used mrchromebox’s script, and it said wp needed to be off for what I was trying to do. so his site seems to show a motherboard with a place with two holes that has “hwwp” around it. so I take out the battery (just in case), and then I put in a paperclip and it hasn’t disabled wp at all, I tried running flashrom --wp-disable SO many times. I also tried making a thin piece of tinfoil, but it was def too thick, and I couldn’t get it to go in. (yes I used a super small peice) I also used other metal things that resembled a paperclip but they also wouldn’t make flashrom work.

I really want to disable wp, is there is a reason why it’s failing? I tried different positions for the paperclip, shoved it in as far as possible, ect… (yes I tried to use the chromebox script while the paperclip was in)

thank you in advance :pray:

That’s definitely the correct spot for the jumper, if it’s not working then it’s probably not making contact.

You don’t need to run flashrom, the script will do that.

Put the jumper in (try a wire, thick enough that it’s a tight fit), reboot, then run: crossystem | grep wpsw and see if it returns 0

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strange, I swear I pushed it in and to a side… but then again if i had wriggle room then that probably means it didn’t make complete contacted

I’ll strip a random wire and try to use it for this, thanks! wpsw_cur seems to return 1 with the paperclip (maybe the paperclip isn’t conductive?)

It’s possible the paperclip has a coating… who knows. Some people use tweezers but whatever you end up doing be very careful with all the exposed metal around the motherboard.

on second thought, I think this is pre-2021 or something. I was talking to someone in a different Chromebook forum and they said this:

Screenshot 2024-04-20 11.38.52 PM

is this true? should I take the battery out and not mess with the jumper?

No, it definitely uses a jumper

i! you’re right, my paperclip just wasn’t conductive. my tweezers worked fine. this may be unrelated but i need help… someone told me to run “chromeos-tpm-recovery” with wp off for something and now verified seems to bootloop/is broken. i can use developer mode fine. i think mrchromebox’s script can recover stock fw, right? must i go to uefi so his chromebox script gives me the option to recover fw and solve the verified bootloop issue? shimless rma doesnt work either

You’re already on stock firmware. I would try recovery.

a regular chromeos recovery? thank you, i was quite a bit worried

I bought the HP G8 one, and was just about to recommend the battery for the wp (that’s what I had to do), but in the future always remember to make sure you create a recovery usb before attempting anything. Do you know what os you’re replacing chrome with? Good luck and tell us how it goes! These things are really cheap and underrated.