Audio Drivers 14c-ca0

Hello I currently use a Chromebook 14c-ca0 with the Dragonair version but I’m not too sure if audio is supported and if it is I don’t know which one to so if anybody could help me that would be very appreciated thanks. It has a i3-10110U CPU btw.

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If the docs say it’s supported, it’s supported. Look at the windows notes on the supported devices chart.

Always go by boardname (dragonair) when looking for information in the docs

Can someone share the audio driver for hp14c dragonair Chromebook. I Need it can someone help.

The audio driver is paid. You can pledge the correct amount on Patreon for the driver that you need (in your case it’s $10 for the Intel SOF driver), then login to CoolStar’s Driver Portal and purchase the driver there.