Any reason why board name: APELE doesn't have firmware?

Hi, I recently won an eBay bid for an Asus CX1400CMA (Gemini lake, N4020). There is almost no information on this device available online but the closest I found is an 11inch version with same specs called Asus CX1101 which has the board name APELE (distinct from APEL). While I am waiting for the post, I am pretty sure (in the absence of any other evidence) that, my cb will also fall under this board name :frowning:. When checking for UEFI ROM firmware I find that all almost all other Gemini lake boards except** APELE has firmware available (at Also many other chromebooks with this SoC is already supported, so I wonder if this omission is due to lack of request or something is stopping it. Can someone provide a comment please?


You can tag MrChromebox and ask for support to be added.

As for why it isn’t on the list, it’s because APELE probably wasn’t released at the time when all the other Gemini Lake Chromebooks were.

Thanks all, Mr.Chromebox has been very kind to answer my question. Yes APELE is supported, it uses the same fw as APEL, the firmware script has this mapping already built-in. I will try this once my CB arrives and confirm for sure.