Acer Spin CP713-2W (kled), won't power on after restoring the original rom firmware

Hello, sorry to bother to anybody. But I have a Acer CP713-2W (kled) and I decided to revert back to it’s original firmware.
However, when I use linux mint live usb and restore the firmware from there but after restoring and reboot from linux, it won’t power on at all.

So my concern since I have the original backup used to install coreboot uefi firmware, does the firmware backup that I use is still good? I was planning to attempt to restore it using CH341A programmer with the help of my brother who’s gonna desolder it for me, (I even buy a SOP8 Clip programmer and ending it up scratching the label of bios chip and I don’t want to break it because of how uneven tension from the clip itself).
and after restoring does the hwid or other information will be preserved after I restore the original firmware?

Sorry for the long question, this is my first time doing this. Please bear with me, thanks.